5 Kenderaan berkuasa Jet

1. Jet powered lawnmower tractor
Named Turbitrac, this jet-powered lawnmower tractor is powered by propane fueled jet engine, which can touch temperatures of around 600 degrees, which is too much and can burn down your lawn completely. This powerful tractor is designed by Nick Haddock but it has left open several questions. One of the most pressing question is that why did Nick decide to design and create a vehicle that is dangerous and can kill him as well? It seems that he went ahead designing the Turbitrac without thinking anything about the damage which it can create on his lawn.

2. School bus fitted with jet engine
Have you ever imagined a school bus powered by jet engine? Yes it's true! The designers at Indy Boys Inc have created a jet-powered school bus fitted with an engine which is meant to be used in an F4 Phantom fighter jet. This engine delivers 42,000 horsepower, which is incredible by any standard. This powerful school bus can hit a maximum speed of 367mph. This jet-powered bus however, is not very energy efficient as it requires as much as 150 gallons of fuel to cover just one quarter of a mile. The flame that comes out from the back can go as long as 80 feet.

3. Jet-powered supermarket cart
The credit for designing and creating a supermarket cart powered by jet engine goes to Andy Tyler. Andy used the information available on the Internet to design a jet engine and then fitted it in a shopping cart used in a local supermarket. The rear end of this cart features a heat shield, which protects the cart from getting burnt down due to the 600+ Celsius temperatures that is generated by the engine when it is switched on. This cart features scrap wheels, brakes and a steering as well. It uses all the fuel present in tanker in just two minutes and gets unstable after touching the 50mph mark.

4. Rocket powered car
This jet-powered car is actually a Toyota MR2 fitted with twin jet engines. This strong and powerful car is available for sale online on eBay. This car was put up for auction in 2005. Not much information is available about the maximum speed which this car can achieve or about its fuel efficiency. But one thing is certain, this car must be very powerful because it is powered by not one but two jet engines.

5. Street-legal jet powered Beetle
This jet-powered Beetle is the brainchild of engineer Ron Patrick. Ron, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, said that he was interested in enjoying the wildest street-legal ride possible and that's why he replaced the conventional engine of his VW Beetle with dual jet engines. This car is street legal, which means that Ron can drive this car on public roads and can enjoy the thrill of the speed which is possible using jet engine by driving this vehicle at a rapid pace on track. Ron still does not know the top speed which this car can achieve but he says that it is a perfect vehicle to enjoy a thrillingride.

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